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Feature articles this week:

  • Feedlot Profitability - Over the last couple of months, cattle feeding profits have generally turned negative. After seeing strong cattle feeding profits in 2017, and strong profits to start 2018, margins have since been declining. That said, with the current price of fed cattle $10/cwt higher than where they were in early June, losses have moderated ...
  • USDA Cattle on Feed - The USDA released the July 1st Cattle on Feed report this afternoon for feedlots with a one-time capacity of 1,000 head or more, and for the first time in a while, on feed numbers, placements and marketings were all very close to the pre-report estimates. Cattle on feed is four percent higher than last July ...

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  • 08.24 - Aug 1, USDA Cattle on Feed
  • 08.17 - Aug 1, AB/SK Cattle on Feed

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