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Feature articles this week:

  • US Trade Update - The US meat trade results this year have certainly been supportive to the overall markets. The US traditionally was a net importer of beef, but that started to change about 10 years ago when strong global demand started to increase competition. The US became a net exporter from 2010 to 2013, but since then the US was again a net importer for six out of the last seven years. This year the US is expected to have a trade surplus (exports greater than imports) of 272 million pounds ...
  • USDA Cattle on Feed - The USDA released the September 1st cattle on feed report today and for the third consecutive month it showed cattle on feed numbers below a year ago. Although on feed numbers are below a year ago, they are 2.3% above 2019 and are the second highest September inventory on record since reporting began in 1996. This report may be seen as slightly bearish for the fact that placements came in two percent above a year ago while pre-report estimates were for placements to be slightly lower than last August ...

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  • 10.22 - Oct 1, USDA Cattle on Feed
  • 10.15 - Oct 1, AB/SK Cattle on Feed

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