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Feature articles this week:

  • Wholesale Cutout Prices - Wholesale US Choice and Select primal prices have come down from the 2021 high levels, with Choice cutouts trading between CDN $325-370/cwt since last October. Select cutouts have followed suit, trading between CDN $312-359/cwt during that time...
  • Grading Update - Canadian marbling grades continue to see year over year improvements. Canadian steer carcass weights have ranged 7-49 lbs above the five-year average, with only two weeks where steer carcass weights were below the five-year average. Higher carcass weights have increased the percentage of AAA and Prime grades. Well over 70% of Canadian fed cattle graded AAA or Prime from January to the middle of May, with several consecutive weeks where 80% or more carcasses graded AAA or higher...

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  • 08.19 - Aug 1, USDA Cattle on Feed
  • 08.12 - Aug 1, AB/SK Cattle on Feed

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