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Canada’s Source For Cattle Market Information

Canfax, has provided expert analysis of markets and trends in the ever changing North American beef industry for over fifty years. In this new millennium, cattlemen, feedlot managers, and agri-business professionals will continue to rely on up-to-the-minute information as an essential tool for maximizing profit in today's beef sector.

Whether your operation needs to plan for three hours or three years into the future, Canfax delivers timely, accurate information for 21st Century cattle industry professionals.

Canfax is a nonprofit organization, funding itself through memberships as well as data information services it provides to industry stakeholders.

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Research Services

Canfax Research Services (CRS) provides the Canadian beef industry with comprehensive statistical and market information on the domestic and global beef trends. Economic analysis are utilized for marketing, research, policy and investment decisions supporting strategy and business plan development as well as performance measurement. CRS monitors data sources from national statistics and develops new economic models to make annual outlooks and evaluate the impact of management decisions on cost of production.

National Statistics' Sources

Industry Analysis

CRS maintains its independence as a third-party source of unbiased market information, maintaining operations through regular publications, long-term contracts and projects.